A day in the life: January 28, 2015


a day in the life of a mom of three Step into my world for a day (Wednesday, January 28, to be exact) and see what life is like around our parts... :)

day in the life 1

6am: My alarm rings, waking me from a vivid dream. I snooze and finally roll out of bed at 6:15. I sneak downstairs to drink some lemon water, make coffee, and have a little time to myself to work on my CBS Bible study and do some work. I get a little morning inspiration on IG while my coffee brews.

day in the life 2

7am: I'm watching a webinar, greeting kids as they wander downstairs and sipping the last of my coffee. David makes his lunch and cooks breakfast for him and the littles.

day in the life 3

8am: Gigi is up now, so I'm making breakfast for her and me. The littles are being a bit ornry already. I skipped my class at the Y this morning so we could have a slower morning before our co-op today. I pack up lunches and make sure everyone gets dressed.

9:15: We're running late but we're out the door, on our way to co-op (Gigi goes to a charter school two days a week, and then we do history and science (and preschool) with some families from her school on Wednesdays. M & F are full homeschool days.)

I chat with the kids and then vox with my blogging friends a bit on the way there.

day in the life 4

10am: Gigi is learning about the Crusades today, and has some chess on the agenda, too. The littles are studying space today. I bounce back and forth between the preschoolers and the big kids and help the other moms who are teaching when I can.

day in the life 5

11:30: Kids eat lunch, play, and finish up co-op projects while I chat with other moms and help my kids out of trees they've climbed into. I love our little school community!

day in the life 6

12ish: We head out from co-op and venture out to the newly-opened community park in our town. We scope out the skate park but Gigi is intimidated by the older (all-male) crowd (don't these guys have jobs?). We decide we'll come back another day earlier in the morning. She's also distracted by the incredibly fun-looking playground so we make a beeline for that instead. We run into some friends from her school and she is thrilled. I rotate swing duty, monkey bar assistance, and teeter-tottering with the two littles opposite me, and also enjoy a few minutes on the bench to myself and a bit of chatting with the moms I know.

2pm: We finally leave and make our way to Trader Joe's. I no longer enjoy taking all three kids the store but I need a few things for dinner. We get to check out with our favorite TJ's employee, Ms. Kelly, and the kids get cute Valentine's Day stickers.

day in the life 7

3ish: I've finally eaten (leftover soup) and sent the kids upstairs for some quiet time. Gigi has some assignments to work on at her new desk (math, spelling-- that I helped her with first-- and her CBS), and the littles are playing Legos. I peruse FB for a few minutes, then find some inspiring tunes on Spotify to motivate me to clean up. Chocolate helps with that, too.

day in the life 8

4pm: Brody & Hallee are invited downstairs to watch Wild Kratts. Gigi hasn't focused very well and is not done with her work yet. When she finally finishes she is assigned to write down "3 Things I Can Do When I Feel Frustrated" and read for 15 minutes before she can enjoy some TV time. Hallee has abandoned the couch as usual to help me make dinner.

5pm: David's arriving home any minute and dinner's almost done. I tidy up a bit more, turn off the TV, and Gigi sets the table before we eat.

day in the life 9

6ish: I finish cleaning up for our community group (a quick vacuum, finish the dishes David started, and carry a bunch of crap upstairs), while David gets the kids ready for bed.

day in the life 10

7pm: Our friends are arriving and Brody's reading in his bed while the girls read/color at their desk for a bit before getting tucked into bed. Downstairs, we all hang out, eat snacks, drink tea, and catch up.

day in the life 11

8ish: The kids are finally asleep and we are deep in a discussion of Ephesians (along with some cute-baby-watching).

9ish: ... still chatting with friends... :)


10ish: Friends have left and I'm updating my computer while I finish up my notes for this post in my journal. When the computer's back on I catch up on email a bit and pick a recipe to make in the morning for my CBS tea.

I screen shot an inspiring post on Instagram (I have a folder on my computer where I store "inspiring snapshots" that I grab on my phone-- mostly from IG-- anything from quotes, to recipes, to home decor ideas).

11pm: I remember I need to gather work samples for this month to turn into our EF (educational facilitator) tomorrow. Oops-- one more thing to add to tomorrow morning's to-do list. It's too late, I'm too exhausted, and my bed, where I'll fall asleep reading, is calling to me...


It was a long, full day, as many of our days are. That's how we like it though, days full of quality time with family and friends, learning, reading, creating, and maybe a bit of relaxing.

I really enjoy documenting a day like this, once or twice a year (here's last year's) and look forward to reading through others' as I link up with my friends Rebekah and Jamie.

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