Gidget Goes Home is the vintage blog home of writer Nicole Viola Bennett. Learn all about her and her current writing at her main site.

What's this blog all about?

This blog is basically a hodge-podged lifestyle blog-- it's my attempt at documenting some of the thoughts and dreams I have and cataloguing and sharing some of my creative projects. You'll see snippets of my life-- the beautiful, the ordinary, the difficult, the celebrations, the passions and pursuits.

  • I love to review and recommend books and talk about what I'm watching and listening to as well. Reading is a great passion of mine, and all the reading I've done has led me to some big writing dreams.

  • I truly believe that life is best lived in community, and I love to enjoy fellowship and open my home to others. Community isn't always easy, but it's always worthwhile.

  • We adopted our son, Brody, in 2010 and have an open adoption with his birthparents. Along with Brody, my husband and I also have two daughters, Gigi & Hallee. These little ones fill our days with fun, excitement, love, and of course, lots of challenges. ;)

  • The creative mind fascinates me-- I love learning more about the creative process and trying my hand and mind at many creative endeavors. As for handiwork, I sew, embroider, and recently took up crocheting again. I love to plan parties, decorate my home, and make handmade gifts. Last year I wrote a book about sewing, perfect for anyone who wants to learn the basics.

  • Anyone who knows me, knows I have a strong love for ice cream. I love to make my own and to use it to bring people together.

  • I homeschool part-time through a charter school, and have written a bit about our learning experiences.

  • I'm a little bit crunchy-- I value taking care of creation and I'm picky about what we put in and on our bodies. Real talk? My husband thinks I'm a hippie trapped in a suburban mom.

  • For a few years, many of my tutorials, recipes and research on natural living were published on Simple Organic/Simple Homemade where I served as editor from 2010-2013; many of those posts still live at The Art of Simple, where I contribute still quarterly.

  • Intertwined in all I do and all I write about is my belief in the saving grace of Jesus Christ and my gratitude for His work in my life.

I love receiving comments and emails and try my best to respond to them.

Thanks for reading and sharing. xo