Sewing has been such a special part of my life, that I love encouraging others to learn this valuable skill and way of life... so much so that I wrote an eBook designed to be a friendly guide to learning (or re-learning) the basics of sewing.

Many people have always wanted to learn to sew but are intimidated by the sewing machine collecting dust in their closets. This book starts at the beginning, coaching readers in a friendly way through easy lessons in learning the basics of sewing, along with inspiration and tutorials for using those new skills to tackle simple projects.

Many of you have been waiting a long time for this book... well, guess what-- it's finally here!

Are you ready to buy? You can do so here... Otherwise, read on for more details.

A bit more about Sewing School 101

Sometimes the easiest way to learn a new skill is with the help of a more experienced friend, and this book will help its readers along in that way, rather than reading like a textbook. Step-by-step tutorials, explanatory photos and a variety of resources will guide the reader in becoming comfortable using the sewing machine.

Not only is Sewing School 101 a great primer for complete newbies, it will also serve as a convenient point of reference as the sewista progresses along in her skills. With the basics in a concise digital format, readers will be able to spend more time sewing and less time swimming through the endless sea of internet sewing resources.

Mastering the basics of sewing is just the beginning, a jumping-off point in the world of handmade. Sewing School 101 gives readers a thorough yet personal foundation upon which they will be able to confidently stand as they follow their own creativity in their sewing endeavors.

Birthed out of the popular blog series, “31 Days of Sewing School,” this eBook version is conveniently formatted for the reader's easy access, with new and previously unpublished material added, while keeping the friendly blog-like tone of the original series.

With over 100 pages, Sewing School 101 is a collection of over 17,000 words and lots of colorful pictures. The Kindle format is to read on a variety of devices. {I put my own copy on my iPad, so I can easily reference it when I'm sewing.}

If you are interested in PDF format, please email me.

Here's a look at what's inside:

What others are saying:

I've known of Nicole's love of sewing for years, but it wasn't until I read her sewing tips and tutorials

that I knew how knowledgeable she was on the subject. She has a knack for explaining the basics so well that I'd gladly point anyone who wants to learn more about the craft to her book. I'm so glad she's taken the time to collect all her wisdom into one jam-packed (yet easy-to-use!) sewing companion. This ebook is a gem. ~Tsh Oxenreider, founder of  The Art of Simple and author of Notes from a Blue Bike

I have to say that I really enjoyed your book... GREAT basic info to start off with and growing from there. I learned a lot of new things. I am still kind of a newbie with sewing, but have done projects with others. Seriously wish you could come down for a week or two and teach 3 of my students in my trade school your stuff!! One student is a natural with the sewing machine and she's never touched one in her life until a couple weeks ago! She has a gift and I am teaching her what I know and can do, and I will use some of the things from your book to teach her more. ~Marillyn Beard, Just Making Noise

I just finished your Sewing School 101 book and am really inspired to try new projects, especially with the little baby around. I was really moved seeing the picture of you with your daughter on your lap in front of the machine. The book is a great resource! I spend way too much time searching for similar online sources and just end up sidetracked on entirely different topics.~Darla Vanderford

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 I really hope you enjoy this book and I'm so excited for you to start learning to sew or improving your skills.

Thank you so much for supporting what I do here on the blog with your purchase. Happy Sewing!

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