10 on 10: April 2013

Today is a special day, it's the anniversary of the day we adopted Brody! We brought him home from the hospital when he was four days old. How we love our special boy, and how grateful we are to his birthparents for choosing our family for him. We'll be seeing them and their extended family this weekend. They are truly a blessing to us.

And now, on to today's photos. I started out strong but missed a lot of the day once things got going. It was a busy day, but there were definitely little glimpses of beauty here and there.

10 on 10 april-1

10 on 10 april-2

10 on 10 april-3

10 on 10 april-4

10 on 10 april-5

10 on 10 april-6

10 on 10 april-7

10 on 10 april-8

10 on 10 april-9

10 on 10 april-10

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