10 on 10: February 2014

Another month, another ten on ten! Gigi and I got some time together this morning (thanks to Yaya for babysitting!) as we went to an open house of our local Classical Conversations community. We are getting excited about registering for next year. It wasn't a day without hard moments, some of us still a bit under the weather, some of us not liking it when we don't get our way, some of us wanting Daddy (Hallee is in a major daddy phase, it is more prominent on Mondays).

Today is also a special day- the birthday of a dear friend of mine, tragically gone home to Jesus seven and half years ago. Gigi carries her name, Brianne, as a middle name, and I carry the memories of our friendship in my heart.

Just another beautiful day of ordinary moments.

10 on 10 feb2014-1

Plenty of Legos.

10 on 10 feb2014-2

Never enough reading time.

10 on 10 feb2014-3

A favorite happy corner of my kitchen.

10 on 10 feb2014-4

Shells & succulents bring a little summer to a winter's day.

10 on 10 feb2014-5

Sunshine makes me happy. So does fun handmade art from my bro/sis.

10 on 10 feb2014-6

How can she look so grown-up here? (Watching the recorded Olympic Opening Ceremonies).

10 on 10 feb2014-7

Tea, tea, and more tea, for our scratchy throats.

10 on 10 feb2014-8

My calm in the storm of girlish emotions is this guy.

10 on 10 feb2014-9

The perfect amount of handmade-ness (no coercing required) in these awesomesauce valentines (you're welcome, moms, for the candy-free treat!) that we made together.

10 on 10 feb2014-10

Family Wii night means Hallee entertains us all with her wildly funny "speed slice" action and I wow the crowd with my Olympic-inspired ski jumping.

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