10ish on 10ish: December 2013

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The tenth was a good day... early morning car-playing, papwerwhites growing, hot chocolate drinking, much needed break-taking, new fabric arriving, canned food stacking, late night reading.

And since I didn't quite get 10 shots... I thought I'd share a few bonus shots from one of our favorite holiday traditions, Christmas Under the Stars-- a night of singing Christmas songs in the park under beautiful lights (with lots of yummy cookies), with our church family.

10 on 10 december-1-2

10 on 10 december-2-2

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This year we were joined by my parents, Brody's birthparents and lots of friends from our community group. It was a sweet time of fellowship.


The days at home with my kiddos have been particularly challenging for me lately. All the more reason to stop and pay attention to the bits of beauty in the ordinary with Rebekah and the 10 on 10 community.

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