3 Little Things {3.28.14}

3 happy things Last week I saw Amy from MomAdvice write up a fun little post showcasing three little things that were making her happy-- I loved it, and decided to jump in this week and link up with her!

I'm keeping it simple today... here are three little things bringing me some happiness this week.

1. Fresh cut roses-- my sweet neighbors are visiting family in Brazil so I decided to take advantage of a few of their blooms rather than letting them fall apart on the bush. I just love roses in mason jars.

2. I've been really enjoying Ann Voskamp's memory verse plan this year. I don't have all of them memorized yet (although many are familiar) but I'm sticking with reading through them a few times a week at least. I want to do it daily-- that's a goal I want to make for the next week.

3. Our new field guide to California came in the mail today and it gets me super excited for getting out into creation and exploring (and identifying!) the beautiful things God has made.

I hope you have a great weekend!

What's making you happy this week?

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