3 Little Things {5.10.14} + homemade lemon-lime sports ade recipe

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Friday may have come and gone, but here I am to share a few things making me happy this week... as I link up with Amy of MomAdvice. (What always makes me happy? The three pictured above, especially at the beach.)

3 Little Things

1.  New worship song... by Phil Wickham-- Over All-- it's a great addition to all the Dustin Kensrue we've been listening to.

2.  Inspired lunches... I finally made Aimee's tuna cheddar lunchbox bites and the've been a hit! So easy-- I made a double batch, froze them, and can pop a couple in each LunchBot and it will defrost by lunch time. Between that, getting back into the mode of making homemade granola bars (recipe pin here, from the amazing Healthy Snacks to Go cookbook) and diving into one of Katie's lastest gems, The Healthy Lunchbox, an eBook full of sandwich-less inspiration.

3.  100 Best Juices for Kids... My friend Jessica Fisher's latest book is all about kid-approved juices. I don't have a juicer (yet?) so I was excited to see that many of the recipes are actually smoothies, sparklies (juice + "bubbly water" as we call it), slushies and more. It's a perfect resource for the warm spring we're having and the summer ahead (yay!).

On a hot Saturday when David and a few guys were installing a new window in the girls' room I whipped up a batch of this faux Gatorade and they couldn't believe how "real" it tasted. I loved serving them something free of HFCS/food coloring/ETC, made with real fruit juice that hit the spot and quenched their thirst.

Check it out for yourself!

lemon-lime sports ade

Lemon-Lime Sports Ade

makes 1 quart

3 1/2 cups water 6 tablespoons honey syrup 2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice 2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lime juice 1/4 teaspoon sea salt (I used celtic sea salt)

Make the honey syrup by dissolving honey in water on the stove (medium heat) with a 1:1 ratio (3 Tbsp water: 3 Tbsp honey for this recipe). Before it's completely cool, mix in the sea salt and stir to dissolve.

Whisk together water, honey syrup + salt, and fruit juices in a pitcher. Enjoy chilled! Store in a covered jar in the fridge.

Weekly Surf Spots

  • Juices for Kids: Q & A :: Life as Mom ~ a great companion post Jessica wrote highlighting some FAQs you might have about juice to go along with her book.

What's making you happy this week?

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