3 little things {7.19.14}

3 little apps making me happy.jpg
3 little apps making me happy

Today's edition of 3 Little Things features a few favorite new apps I've downloaded to my phone. These are all great for simplifying and streamlining various aspects of life. {Playing along with Amy of MomAdvice again!}


I've barely scratched the surface of this one-- it stands for "If This Then That"-- and basically, you use and create "recipes" where your phone does something for you after you do something. I'm using the recipe where whenever I post a photo on Instagram, IFTTT tweets that photo as a full photo that will show up in my Twitter feed instead of just posting an Instagram link.

A really neat recipe I spotted in their is one where when you drive by a certain point, it will text someone. The app calls that one "text my wife when I leave work." If I'm doing a bad job explaining this app, just download it (it's free) and you'll figure it out. ;)

2. ZipList

A friend recently told me about this and I'm super excited about it. I'm using the web browser version to create my grocery list, both from my own mind, and from recipes-- I can open a recipe I find on Pinterest for example with the Chrome extension (they also have buttons you can install in other browsers), and then it will import the ingredients and then I can select which items on it to add to my list.

I can save recipes in there, and, it also shows me what items are on sale at stores nearby (I inputed what my favorite stores to shop at are). Once I create my list, I just login on my phone app and there it will be! You can also print the list out, which might be helpful when I have a really long list. Membership/app are free, although there are ads to navigate around.

3. SheReadsTruth

This is a new free Bible app put out by the ladies at SheReadsTruth. I'm really excited about it because it has their plans built in (some plans are free, some aren't), and it has a community aspect, where women can comment on the plans. The interface is simple (and beautiful) and it's easy to share verses/passages.

What apps have you discovered lately?

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