3 {new} Little Things: an ebook, a photo wall, and team sports

This blog post feels a little like cheating. ;) I definitely could have written three separate, more detailed blog posts, but that's just how life is right now. I take what I can get, squeezing in writing time in the cracks of my time (and to be fair, my original #3 is in fact, getting its own blog post next week). Either way, I'm taking a cue from Amy at MomAdvice, sharing three little things making me happy this week. I hope you're inspired. xoxo

1. My new book

Do you feel like you wish you had more time to read? I hear this a lot from moms and busy women. Well, guess what-- I wrote you a book!

My latest ebook is called Read More: why and how to make time for reading amidst the busyness of life, and it's free for my newsletter subscribers. Sign up for The Scoop, if you haven't already, and you'll get your free download emailed to you today.

2. A new photo wall collage

I moved some furniture around recently that revealed a narrow blank wall in my living room. This is quite unusual for me, as I seem to have an aversion to blank walls and have most of them covered with art, photos, guitars or even a TV. Maybe someday, if I have a house with lots and lots of wall space will I leave some blank space. For now, in my tiny space, I can't seem to leave my walls be.

So, behind our couch we now have a cozy little pile of pillows and blankets; it's our new little reading nook and it's where we keep our library books. The kids love it. I came across a blog post by my friend Kacy and saw her photo wall, and realized I had seen something like that before-- I had seen the original tutorial years ago and loved it, but never thought I'd be brave enough to glue photos to my wall.

But then I thought about it. Hot glue peels off my counter super easy, and... why not? I suddenly felt bold enough to go for it, and I love the result. It makes me incredibly happy. You can see the full tutorial and lots of great tips on doing this over on Under the Sycamore.

 3. Foraying into the world of team sports

We were a little nervous about entering the world of team sports. It's a big commitment and our lives are quite full already. Gigi's softball team is a couple weeks into their season, and Brody's t-ball team (which David is coaching) has their first game and Opening Day this weekend. Juggling games and practices, not to mention pictures and clinics and fundraising-- whew!-- it's a lot.

But we love baseball. And as we've jumped in, it really feels right. When we go to the ball parks, it feels like home, and getting to know the communities has been great, and makes us feel even more at home here than we already did. It's funny to see the different sub-cultures, too. Especially with softball. David has quite a bit of his own Little League experience but he's really noticed how different the softball sub-culture is-- funny socks, headbands, cheers-- totally different, and also silly, and well, fun.

Bonus~ one thing I'm not happy about: For the second year in a row, March caught me too quickly and I neglected to use my Anthro birthday discount. Boo-hoo. (Dreaming about this beauty and so many other things in the March lookbook. Flowy shirts and shorts combos are speaking to me.)

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