Christmas Manifesto Part 5: Five Resources for Celebrating a Simpler Christmas

As a conclusion to my Christmas Manifesto Series (Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and/or Part 4 if you missed them), here are just a few ideas to help you simplify Christmas, and make gift-giving simpler, more sustainable, and/or homemade.

  1. Here's a great starting point for Inexpensive, Creative and Eco-friendly Gift Ideas.

  2. We all know babies often love the packaging better than the gift... Check out SimpleMom's list of 11 Cheap (and free) toys for Young Children and give a child one of these, decorated, dressed up or personalized.

  3. If you feel like you can't make something up to your high standards, check out the amazing homemade goods by the artists & crafters at

  4. Everyone loves food (especially when it's wrapped up pretty!)! Find a new recipe or better yet, an old family favorite and batch-cook enough gifts for all your loved ones. Here's the recipe for the bread I always give away at Christmas.

  5. Make something homemade yourself! In the near future I'll be posting links to some cool tutorials, so check back, or better yet, subscribe to my feed!

Please, by all means, share your simple gift ideas in the comments!

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