7 things I learned in July

My three. It's time for another retrospective look at what I learned in the past month. Linking up with Emily again where it's okay if "sometimes it’s educational and informative but usually not."

1.  I shouldn't watch movies that might provoke fear in me (no matter how inspiring the story is). I'm too visual, and tend to replay things in my mind that stick with me in a bad way.

2.  It's better to load up with the right amount the first time through rather than going back for seconds. This is just one of the Rules I learned from Michael Pollan's easy-to-read primer on eating. I don't agree with absolutely everything he says but I really love him. Also, it felt good to finish a book.

3.  According to Good Reads I'm currently reading nine books, and this is probably not even all of them. I didn't exactly just learn this about myself but I think I learned that I need to cut back just a wee bit and actually finish a couple of these. Also, expect a literary confessional in the near future.

4.  It is SO worth the road trip to get to spend a weekend with family and friends. Although I also learned that this very same thing then reminds me  that it's sad that we don't live closer to said family and friends.


5. Bacon is good on even popcorn. I would link to the recipe but you just need to buy Joy the Baker's cookbook because that's where you'll find it (Maple Bacon Popcorn)-- totally worth it.


6. Indeed chalkboard paint works, and it is super fun. And yay for a completed project. (Thanks, Amy, for the inspiration!)

7. Dave Ramsey's way of money-handling is hard. Somedays it downright sucks. (didn't I learn this last month, too?) But it is totally worth it and we are so close to paying off my student loans that I can taste it. We won't be "done" then, as we'll then be saving up for a fully-funded emergency fund but it will feel like such a burden lifted, and I might just be able to afford to join my local CrossFit (I think I might have a death wish, but I feel called to it for some reason).

P.S. Top photo is my new favorite snap of all three kids. <3

Here's to an enlightening August!


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