Quilt Showcase


I wouldn't really call myself a quilter. More accurately, I am a sewista (I think I made that up) who likes to do some quilting. But I have finished a few quilts in my time, I thought I would share them with you today.

This pinwheel baby quilt was one of my first (started in 2006). My sister-in-law sent me the pattern (all the little triangles are flaps that are only sewn in on one side). I made the top at a quilt retreat that I went to with my mom. So fun to sit and sew all weekend!

my baby quilt

It took about a year, but I finally finished and bound it!


I can't seem to find a good photo of the very first quilt I made. It's currently gracing my daughter's bed, so you can get a glimpse of it in this photo.

I called this one the Texas Morning Star Quilt, because I made in Texas Tech colors for our friends who went to that school. These friends of ours let David crash at their place for about a month while he was in Colorado finishing up his job and I was in California already. This was an emotional time as the end of it was when I miscarried. We were very grateful for friends who fed and gave David a place to stay during this time.


And finally, this is the quilt my mom and I made for Brody's birthparents- I mostly made the top, and she quilted and bound it (in record time!). I really love the fabrics (above, it is pinned and getting ready to be quilted). I gave it to them when we got together with them in July.


I have another quilt top almost done that I started a few years ago, that I just need to finish, and then an idea for a new quilt brewing in my mind.

Do you quilt? Are you fast (like my mom) or a leisurely quilter like me?

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