All grown up... er, not so much

When David and I first got married (and we were basically still kids at 21 and 22), we came up with a half-tongue-in-cheek list of reasons why we felt like we were "real people." There's a lot of things in my life now that make me feel really grown up.

I have kids for starters. Also, I'm responsible for their health, well-being, education, and all that.

I drink coffee.

I have a budget. I hate it, but I have one.

etc. etc.

But sometimes I realize how NOT grown up I am. I do something out of habit and then I say to myself ohmygoodness, my mom would NEVER do that!!

Here are a few areas where I still lack maturity (or maybe am just lazy).

Sometimes, when I put my pajamas on, I leave my jean cutoffs on the floor. I do the same with other laundry. I pick it up eventually of course, but yeah, super lazy with that one.

I don't always make my bed. This one makes me cringe. I made my bed every day growing up, even if the rest of my room was a pig sty. But alas, I am the early bird and the late-bird doesn't ever thing to pull the sheets up, ahem. And then after that, I simply forget to go back up and do most days.

What can I say? I guess I’ll always be a work in progress, “grownup” or not! 

My first Stitch Fix... whaddya think?

An old favorite through new eyes: our 2014 NorCal camping trip

An old favorite through new eyes: our 2014 NorCal camping trip