A Little Gratitude on a Warm, Sunny Day

Okay, maybe a lot of gratitude. DSC_0059

We are having amazing weather this week. Some people I know are probably cursing the weather man and wanting some chilly weather that they can cuddle up in, but not us. We are relishing in the sun and the warmth. We had a cool summer so this little escape from winter makes up for it a little.


The sun really rejuvenates me. I can literally feel my spirits soar and my countenance lift on a warm day. It's like I feel the presence of the Lord shining down on me.


Sunday, we spend the afternoon walking by the beach, eating ice cream, after church. I came home to lightly sunburned shoulders and nose, and even that made me happy.


Yesterday, we went to our favorite park/beach and met a new friend there. Because it's a holiday and because of the sunshine, it was more crowded than usual which made it feel even more summery. Gigi frolicked in the sand and waves, like on a summer day, and Brody napped in the stroller as he's accustomed to doing at the beach.


Today, we met David for lunch at another favorite beachside playground and ate and played, before I took the kids and treated Gigi to fro-yo to celebrate her having a good day at preschool after missing almost two weeks due to being sick.


Days like this feel like a personal gift from the Lord straight to me, and I am utterly thankful.

Speaking of gratitude, I decided to go back to my other mentions of specific gratitude and count them, like Ann Voskamp recommends and my friend Kacy does; I think it will be so cool to reach 1,000 and be able see a numbered list of specific ways I've received little (and big) blessings from the Lord.  Before today, I had officially blogged about 31 instances of gratitude so far.

So today's official gratitude list {#32-#36}...

... the beautiful weather {obviously}...

... new friends ...

... the beach

... a non-napping girl who napped all last week {due to recovering from an ear infection}, and gave me a restful week of mothering...

... the tiny baby GIRL swimming around in my belly...

... my upcoming trip away with other like-minded mamas and bloggers...

... finding a forgotten almost-four-year old Pottery Barn gift card {baby gift when I had Gigi} enabling me to get fun, new lunch gear, basically for free...

{this moment}

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