Around Town...

Hallee and I had a fabulous evening with @sortacrunchy! While I've been away from this space, I've been elsewhere a bit...

  • I recorded a podcast with Tsh from Simple Mom which was really fun. You can get the details and listen over on Home Fries. This was a bit surreal when I thought about how three years ago when I started blogging I never would have guessed that Tsh, who was one of the first bloggers I read, would be my friend and boss. I'm so blessed to be a part of SLM!
  • I've been posting away at Simple Organic, and this week I posted a fun video tutorial on making a fabric yo-yo, one of my favorite little things to make.
  • I finally posted the magazine clipping from when I was mentioned in Coastal Living Magazine on the Surf Mamas blog. That was another surreal little treat. :)
  • I wish I had more time for Pinterest! I seriously love it and when I find myself there for a few minutes at a time I always find inspring things. I've already tried a couple of recipes I found there and I have a project for our home to make this week hopefully.
  • Hallee and I went down to San Diego to meet up with Megan from SortaCrunchy for dinner (pictured above) while she was here for BlogHer. What a treat. Megan is someone I could chat with for hours. I loved getting to meet her in person!

My days are challenging at times but I'm so thankful for my three treasures.




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