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UntitledHello, Wednesday!

It's a good day around here because I have my second-to-last women's group tonight-- I so love those ladies. And I also just met a new, local potential babysitter for our community group and family. My kids are finally bathed after who knows how many days (it's summer, people, give me grace) and the sun is out.

I'm working on a new little embroidery gift, we got to see some dear friends last night and will see them again this weekend when we join them camping at the beach. Plenty of tantrums and arguing and crying for no reason around here as well, but I'm taking a minute to focus on the good and it feels good to do that.

Anyways, I popped in here to tell you about a few places where you can find me this week. My friend Emily is doing a series of interviews on her blog with fellow green/natural-minded bloggers, and mine is up where you can read about my journey to a "greener" life along with some of my own obstacles and goals.

Head on over to Live Renewed to read it! 

Today also marks my monthly post over at Simple Mom, where what started out as a simple refashioning project ended up being a lesson in creativity as well. Not only can you read about my finding beauty in imperfection but you'll also get a glimpse at how classy I am to include the words crappy and butt crack in the very same post.

Head over to Simple Mom to read it!


I hope you are finding some good things in your Wednesday. Even if it's a hard day, take heart because He has overcome the world and He loves you more than you know!


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