Authentic hospitality prep {31 days of The Life Poetic, day 23}

As I documented one day in our life I stumbled upon a lesson I hadn't really realized that I had learned.

From Instagram:

I've learned not to stress about getting ready for community group. I like to be authentic, and all-put-together-and-tidy is not me. These people are like family anyway... But no one likes to step on crumbs so a little pass with the vacuum is nice. Also, Hallee is having a ball and trying not to smile here. Brody is patiently waiting his turn. ;)

I read somewhere the difference between hospitality and entertaining-- entertaining is all about me and what I have to show/offer, whereas hospitality is all about serving others.

There's a bit of beauty in the pile of books in the basket and the stack of mail on the corner of an unused counter, because it's a glimpse into real life, and it lets the authenticity of who we are as a family shine through. Turning on music (or baseball) and lighting a candle aren't just nice touches; they too are expressions of who we are as a family.

I do try to clear off all the surfaces we'll be using with our guests, but I'm not going to put on a facade that in our family every surface is clear and nothing personal is left out. Simply because that's not us.

And also, I'm better able to serve my guests and welcome them wholeheartedly when I'm not stressing to the max right before they come over.

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