Christmas Manifesto, Part 1

Over the next several days I'm going to be posting a short series on Christmas. As you read it, you'll realize why I'm calling it a "manifesto." I know it's August, and we have a lot to look forward to still before we get to the big holiday, but right now, we actually have time to think about Christmas. When we're in the season, with all of the hustle and bustle, there's often little time for reflection. Most of us love Christmas, but it can tend to be a stressful season, too.

Which brings me to this: I recently polled a few friends about Christmas. I asked, what, if anything, do you dread or get stressed about during the Christmas season?

Here are a few responses:

  • Being able to divide the time fairly between the families.

  • For me, it is super busy with a million Christmas parties/events, so that can be difficult...

  • Ours is the holiday picture, whether we try to do it ourselves or go to a studio, it seems to be always dreaded. When we do it ourselves, it takes SEVERAL takes to get everyone's smile and expression right. When we go to a studio, there is always stress about what to wear, the wait because its always busy, etc. And all this because Mom wants to send out the fam picture in the Christmas card!

  • Trying to please everyone with plans/getting together.

  • Shipping presents-I never get it done in time.

  • Trying to visit all gagillion relatives within a short time period (and without hurting anyone's feelings).

  • It's kind of a hassle to figure out where you are going for Christmas day so that the in-laws and family are happy. That's kind of a pain.

  • I LOVE the season... but get a little stressed as well. There seems to be so much pressure about the gifts and I very much dislike that! That's not what it's about!

Do any of these answers strike a chord with you? What do you have to add?

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