Counting Down the Days...

Freshly washed: tiny pink clothes!Bassinet built and ready for baby. I can hardly believe that we will be a family of five sometime in the next few weeks (!!). I've finally started doing some nesting... it's amazing how the daily wrangling of a 1-year old and a 4-year old has made my nesting instinct sit on the back burner with this pregnancy.

I just wanted to pop in here to share a few random little things and then to say that I'll be taking a bit of a break here to finish tying up some loose ends, mainly trying to get a load of fabulous guest posts lined up and scheduled for Simple Organic, starting a few new Surf Mamas groups, catching up on family photos & blogging {before we are inundated with sweet newborn pics}, and finishing some projects around the house.


Last week we went blueberry picking, which was great fun, and I wrote about here {along with republishing my blueberry-honey ice cream recipe- YUM}.


Then, last weekend we went to a fun picnic with our adoption agency and spent some nice time with Brody's birthfamily. We even got to meet his adorable biological cousin.

This weekend we've been productive yet have relaxed, which is the perfect weekend combo.

We worked in our front yard and will hopefully have a little patch of grass in next weekend, we enjoyed a lovely neighborhood potluck and today we had donuts by the beach and are planning to do some BBQ-ing tonight. We also had some adorable 4-year photos taken of Gigi by one of my oldest, dearest friends, which you can see here.

Recently, I joined Pinterest and am in love. If you haven't yet and you'd like an invite, let me know. May I also recommend my friend Megan's fabulous tutorial on how exactly to use the site.

Oh, and I made these yesterday: self-frosting nutella cupcakes. Hm, might need to go snag one right now actually.


And now, here's a little trip down Instagram lane as I share a few things I'm counting as little gifts I'm so thankful for... #72-81.

Baking homemade bread so my sick one can have toast when she's ready to eat.

#72 :: homemade bread.

Love this guy.

#73 :: this guy's smile.

Baby shower gift for a new little friend due just before July 4th.

#75 :: new babies due to be born around the same time as our Hallee {this is a baby shower gift I made for a friend due around the 4th of July}.

Coming soon: homemade jam!!

#76 :: loads of organic strawberries ready to be made into jam today.

First backyard bonfire of the season!

#77 :: family nights by the fire pit {hopefully many more of these to come this summer}.

#78 :: Saturdays at home.


#79 :: a little mama-pampering.

Bro's first time driving.

#80 :: these two cuties.

In my neighborhood.

#81 :: my neighborhood-- so blessed to live here.

She's here...

The Ice Cream Party