Cups Cooking Extravaganza!

DSC_0013 One of the really fun things I got to do this fall was take a cooking class at a really cool local San Diego place called Cups-- an organic cupcake eatery in La Jolla with a full, state-of-the-art kitchen classroom in the back.


The class was called cream cheese-making, but that title really only scratched the surface of what the class really was. I was expecting simple how-to on making homemade cream cheese.


I got that, and so much more.


The fifteen or so of us students worked with the chefs and other Cups employees to make, and eat, a complete meal including several courses, and desserts, full of amazing dishes using the homemade cream cheese as an ingredient.



Michelle, the owner, brought in this beautiful basket of freshly picked herbs, edible flowers and vegetables, straight from her garden.


Several recipes required us to take from this huge bowl of butter.



The food was spectacular, the venue was cool and modern and the people at Cups were friendly and knowledgable.




To my local, foodie readers, a class at Cups would make a super-fun date night or gift experience. I'd love to go back at take another with David (I was sure to bring him home a cupcake, at least).


Possibly my favorite part? Homemade cream cheese ice cream. And an industrial-sized ice cream maker. Yes, please!


A Little More About Cups

Probably the best part of Cups is their philosophy. Everything they serve is made in-house with the highest quality local, sustainable, organic ingredients, and they've been awarded the first 3-star Green Certified restaurant in San Diego.


Cups serves organic Straus (strawberry!) milk on tap along with their delicious selection of cupcakes and coffees in the Lounge. And they serve the milk in mini reusable Straus bottles, too!


Thank you so much to Cups for the amazing class. I can't  wait to go back!


me with Cups owner, Michelle

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