Day 11: 10 on 10 in October 2013

This is Day 11 of 31 Days of Intentional Community. Thanks for reading! I love that the 10th of the month fell on a Thursday right during this series. Thursdays are very community-focused for me between my morning Community Bible Study, Gigi going to school in the afternoon and then Community Group at night.

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1. Early morning~ my fave.  2. First visitor of the day.  3. Happy Fall Y'all!  4. Studying Mark with my ladies.  5. Kale in the crock pot (zuppa toscana)  6. Warding off the ran-out-of-chocolate blues with maple popcorn during afternoon quiet time.  7. First time watching The Pioneer Woman (we're all hooked).  8. Coffee and soup with friends.  9. A bomb Apple & Fig Crisp brought to CG to accompany our discussion on Genesis 18-- perfect timing to be studying Abraham's hospitality. 10. A squirrel (gift from a sweet friend), an owl (Target $1 spot!), and a happy pumpkin (decorated by Gigi)-- to round out this Pumpkin Spice edition of 10 on 10.

Thursdays may be long days but they are lovely days. Linking up with Rebekah-- just another expression of community. :)

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