Day 24: Leaving room for spontaneity

IMG_8090 This is Day 24 of 31 Days of Intentional Community. Thanks for reading along!

So much of my life feels scheduled. I tend to like it that way. My brain feels fuzzy and cluttered when things are all up in the air and un-planned-out.

But I also like to intentionally leave gaps in the plan-- I love it when there is room on our calendar to allow for spontaneous outings, fellowship and time with the ones we love, just like I love to leave room for flexibility on a road trip. Sometimes you just need to stop by that ice cream shop or farmstand and not worry too much about making good time.


Last-minute plans are sometimes the best-- from post-church lunch & football-viewing dates to sunset dinners at the beach with friends.

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We leave room for spontaneity, fun, and true community when we leave parts of our schedule  o p e n. 


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