Days 17-20: Life in community

Untitled Today's post reflects on days 17-20 of 31 Days of Intentional Community.

If things have been quiet around here, it's been for good reason-- we've been living in community!

Here's a little update on what that has looked like for us in the last few days...


We celebrated my husband's birthday, on Thursday at Community Group, and the next night with a little beer & homemade ice cream gathering. What a blessing to celebrate him amidst family and friends (despite the Dodgers' tragic demise!).


On Saturday we spent the day with family-- this time celebrating David's dad's recovery over this last year from leukemia. A year ago, on David's birthday, Dan's sister donated her stem cells to him. This weekend, we celebrated Dan's new "1st Birthday" and reveled in God's mercy and the miracle of medical technology.


And then today, Sunday, we enjoyed a community meal after church (we do this twice a month) and then headed out to Sunday Soup Night, a new monthly tradition hosted by dear friends and neighbors.

intentional community button 250.jpgThis life is full, but it's full of good things, and we are thankful. It's been a good few days of enjoying our little community, and as I head into the home stretch of this series, I hope to power through with more thoughts on this way of life.

How have you been enjoying the community around you?

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