Eco-Crafting Interview Series: Intro

photo by Urban Woodswalker

I am so excited to begin sharing with you a series of interviews with some super-inspiring women. Starting next week we can all get inspired by some ladies who love to repurpose, use eco-friendly materials and create in a way that coincides with a more sustainable lifestyle.

I've got thoughts from from friends who bake, sew, craft, and build some great advice for those who would like to start or get more into repurposing.

Recycling is great, but it uses up other resources, like water, so reducing and reusing are even better than their more popular R sibling. I love repurposing because it encompasses both of those: reusing old things and making them "new," and reducing the consumption of brand-new store-bought items.

I hope you'll read along as we all get inspired together!

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