Encyclopedia of Me: C is for...

Remember this series? I've been a slacker but have been wanting to get back into it... so here goes with C!


my new ironing board cover

Surprised? Probably not, if you've been here long. If I had infinite amounts of free time {and was more organized}, I would probably spend most of crafting. I've been known to dabble in things like embroidery, crocheting, knitting, painting/drawing, quilting, and I used to be a serious scrapbooker.

Right now, I've gone back to my roots and I'm really into any kind of sewing. I can't help it; I come from a very talented line of seamstresses.

My grandma Hope made my mom's wedding dress, and in her retired years was an early etsy-type pioneer, long before the internet, hitting of craft shows and street fairs and selling adorable handmades alongside my grandpa's amazing wood works and now in her 80s she still makes tied fleece blankets for charity with her friends.

Then came my mom. She made my wedding dress, along with most of my bridesmaid dresses, not to mention various formal dresses, leotards, clothes and even bathing suits over the years. She's an amazing quilter and makes all sorts of artful pieces.

So add to that genealogy a childhood sewing class and I was bound to be a sewer of some kind. As a kid my girlfriend Lori and I would spend hours holed up in one of our rooms drafting and sewing our own creations for our American Girl dolls. After that I made clothes here and there, oh yeah, and many a scrunchie, too.

It wasn't until my daughter was born though, three years ago that I got really back into sewing. Now it's what takes up most of my (minimal) non-blog-reading/writing free time. Right now I love little projects that give me the satisfaction of completion, but also more challenging projects like clothes and quilts (although those take me for.ev.er). I have a bit of sewing a.d.d. I sort of sew like I read-- too many projects at once! I'm really hoping to get more into repurposing old clothes and fabric in the near future.

My mom and I hope to really get going on our etsy shop, Fresh Hope, soon. {I know I've said that before, but I mean it this time!} :)

And a couple of bonus C words for me...

Cooking ~ I've been getting more and more scratch these days. The only boxes you'll usually see in my cupboard are for my daughter's beloved mac'n'cheese (Annie's or Trader Joe's). Otherwise, I've been really trying to move more towards a real food diet. I love to cook and bake and I am so thankful that I have a husband and daughter who will try everything I make!

Cheerleading~ yep. I was a cheerleader. Three years in high school (co-ed show cheer), plus an all girl all-star team and one football season at Cal Poly. I went to Orlando four times to compete at Nationals (the kind you can see on ESPN2). Guess you call that my 15 minutes (or so) of fame. Most of my high school squad-mates were even extras in the movie "Bring it On" (I had plans to spend the summer at the beach rather than doing cheerleading that year!).

So that's me! What would be your letter C words?

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