Evidences of grace {31 Days of The Life Poetic: Day 8}

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At our church leadership meetings each month we take some time to share what we call "Evidences of God's Grace;" leaders of various community groups and ministries share ways that they've seen God work or examples of His grace. It's a life-giving exercise, and usually the best part of the meeting. I'll be doing my version that here some days during this month of The Life Poetic-- it's reminiscent of Ann Voskamp's counting gifts, and seems only appropriate this month.

  • crisp October mornings

  • days and evenings as warm as midsummer

  • fish tacos at the beach

  • my four loves playing in the ocean

  • reading Jane Austen on the sand

  • pink sunsets

  • reinstating Quiet Play Time

  • party planning

  • birthday scheming

  • dark skies, sunrises, and hot coffee

  • good, gospel-teaching books

  • fun, well-crafted novels

  • gathering with friends

  • my parents coming home after over two months of traveling!

I'd love to hear from you-- what are some evidences of His grace in your life today?

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