Exploring Yosemite National Park

Exploring Yosemite National Park

We had an amazing time visiting Yosemite National Park earlier this month. Words do not express the beauty that is there. David and I hadn't been since before our kids were born so it was really special to introduce them to a place that we love.

We camped with friends in the valley floor and didn't get back into our car once we parked it because we rode bikes, walked, or rode the shuttle the whole time. The amazing thing about bike-riding there in the valley is that it is all flat, which is great with kids. We borrowed a trailer that David pulled behind his bike, sometimes with kids in it, sometimes with beach gear (while they rode their own bikes).

I picked some of my favorite photos from the long weekend to share with you to showcase the fun we had and the magnificence of God's creation we experienced. (Nature journal entries are waiting to be finished and then I'll share those on Instagram.)

{road trip lunch stop in Bakersfield}

{tunnel view after an 11-hour drive, i.e. REAL LIFE. This was shortly before we drove into the valley and the pouring rain started, during which we had to set up our trailer! Always an adventure...}

{snacks at the Ahwahnee on a rainy day}

{posing with deer}

{you know, just biking through a meadow!}

{meadow selfie with our friend Shannon}

{running through a meadow, Gigi's new happy place}

{playing cards with new and old friends}

{exploring God's playground}

{bear trap...??}

{little adventurers}

{the kids loved finding boulders to climb and explore}

{beach time on the Merced River}

{my favorite bike ride view, aka all Glory be to Christ our Creator!}

{made it up a steep trail!}

{hiked up to Lower Yosemite Falls}

{sweet moment at our dinner out for pizza in Curry Village}

{Tenaya Lake}

{beautiful Tioga Road}

{family sweet family!}

Our only regret was that we couldn't stay longer. Just ask our kids-- all three cried when we drove past the booth at the park exit. Exploring in nature is certainly a special experience, and they know it.

P.S. In tent-trailer news: our ghetto beauty is finally sealed up! No leaks for now! :)

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