Some Random Fall Thoughts

I thought we'd catch up a little...

Grr... I hate being sick. Chiquita started sniffling on Friday and sure enough I came down with a very stuffy and pressurized head yesterday. So instead of trying to enjoy the first cool, fallish weather, I was trying to fight off this cold while the Chargers lost.

I will say that a sweet moment was had for our little family as we kept our rambunctious 2.5-year old in church yesterday with us rather than infect her class, and she actually did a great job reading books and snacking in her stroller.

And on a positive note, I spent the morning meeting my new, fabulous natureopathic doctor {more on that later I'm sure} today while my mom stayed with Chiquita. And she has graciously agreed to stay until bedtime so mi amor and I can go out to a long awaited movie date {praying for enough relief from the cold to actually enjoy it!}.

Last week we had an amazing picnic sunset dinner at one of my favorite beaches. It was the perfect ending to summer. We even captured the best family self portrait we've ever had!

Everyone seems so excited about the changing of the seasons, except for this eternal summer girl. I'm trying to get excited about fall-- after all,  I have been collecting pinecones and I even bought a cute little pumpkin today-- but I wish we could skip out on the getting sick part. Maybe in a few days I will feel a little more fallish.

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We've Got Worms, Part 1