Felt Ice Cream Craft Tutorial

Activity made at gigi's 4th bday party. Since we had an ice cream-themed 4th birthday party for Gigi {I guess a love of ice cream has been inherited by my little girlie!}, I wanted to do a couple of little activities along the same theme for her and her friends. A while back I had seen a similar idea: Rachel (from Small Notebook)'s fabulous little tutorial for a build-a-felt-cupcake activity.

Here's how I made the ice cream version.



First, I cut out enough cones for all the kiddos. I just used a surf shop sticker I had on hand as the template.


Next, I hand-drew a simple ice cream scoop shape on the back of piece of cardboard to make a template. I cute out "scoops" in a variety of colors that we deemed vanilla, french vanilla, peach, strawberry, etc.


I also cut out tiny flecks of dark brown so they could give their ice cream chocolate chips, and little red hearts that were to be used as strawberries.


My big girl was such a sweet helper, passing out supplies to her friends!

The felt "sticks" to itself as the kids build their cones, but can be repositioned and recreated an infinite number of times. I love that this activity has no mess whatsoever since it's not glued or anything.

The kids loved creating their own double scoop cones and then I sent them each home with their supplies in a baggie so they could do it again at home- love an activity that doubles as a party favor! Easy-peasy and so cute.

The Ice Cream Party

A Few Thoughts...