Friends, taquitos, & sombreros {31 Days of The Life Poetic: Days 11/12}

For years, David has been half-jokingly been talking about celebrating his 33rd birthday with a Three Amigos-themed party (anyone know why this had to be the year?).

Three Amigos Party-1-2.jpg

This year, things got real, and we decided to make it happen, complete with a singing bush, sombreros, Mexican food, and a cantina that only serves tequila (okay, margaritas). We had a jolly good time.

Three Amigos Party-2.jpg
Three Amigos Party-5.jpg
Three Amigos Party-6.jpg

Besides celebrating with friends (and parents who returned from a two-month journey!) the best part was probably how the theme and the costumes came together(we had El Guapo and El Guapito and even a few Germans!).

Three Amigos Party-3-2.jpg
Three Amigos Party-2-2.jpg
Three Amigos Party-1.jpg
Three Amigos Party-4.jpg
Three Amigos Party-3.jpg

It was a laid back party-- but I had a lot of fun making tissue paper flowers and stringing them on crepe streamers and patio lights.

Three Amigos Party-7.jpg
Three Amigos Party-2-2.jpg

Seeing people we love crowd into our tiny house and onto our lit-up patio really warms my heart. Plus, I love my husband and it was fun to bless him with a special night. Double win!

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