Gidget Goes H.O.M.E.

Our little family has had quite a few homes over the years... we've lived in San Luis Obispo, CA,

Orange, CA,

Sept 07 070

Huntington Beach, CA {pictured with our roommate, my brother},

Dec 2007 001

Highlands Ranch, CO,

San Marcos, CA {my parents' house},


and finally we are at home in Encinitas, CA {more on my town coming soon}.

All that in only seven years.

We've always rented, and have gone through periods of contentment with that, along with those of discontent and envy of others.  I've always aimed to make our home as much of a haven as possible, making do with the space we have, but I'll be honest, I've yet to be completely satisfied with our abode.

As someone who often dreams of being a homeowner, but who very well may never be one, I love to be reminded of where my true home is.

When I named my blog, I was going for a play on the old Gidget movies (Gidget Goes Hawaiian, Gidget Goes to Rome), based on my role as a homemaker... but this year in my CBS class (Community Bible Study) I learned an acronym that gives even more meaning to my blog's name.





It may be a little cheesy, but I just love it.

The acronym came in a lesson on Genesis 34-36, when Jacob headed back to Bethel, to seek God in the place where God had previously revealed Himself to him (35:7). Jacob found comfort in his trouble, and had His covenant reestablished, by going "home" to God's open, merciful embrace.

When I think of going home to the Lord, to places where He has previously revealed Himself to me, it's never really associated with one of my particular homes. I think of the morning {as that's usually my time to meet with Him}, of being in Creation {preferably the beach or somewhere woodsy} or somewhere quiet with just me, my Bible, my guitar and a journal.

Life can easily get chaotic and too fast-paced for us to really enjoy his open, merciful embrace.

I pray that we can each "get away" to H.O.M.E. this week, to wherever God tends to reveal Himself to us.

Where is that place for you?

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