Greening Gidget

gigi-watering It's funny, the reason I started blogging personally (other than my family blog) was because of my interest in living a greener lifestyle and the research I was doing on that. Over the last 10 months my writing has gradually broadened into what Gidget Goes Home has now become: a big conglomeration of topics that add up to me (along with the weekly sprinkling of some food-love from my columnist & friend Emma).

I love it this way, but I also want to start getting back to my roots. It's funny how springtime will do that. So in the next couple of weeks, in honor of Earth Day, I plan to do a lot of green-themed blogging, and then after that I hope to incorporate more verdant blog posts in on a frequent basis.

Side note, hopefully Moondoggie will get a job soon so I can go back to my regularly scheduled days. :) I love having him at home but it's sort of made my days all run together and my to-do lists have kinda gone out the door.

In the meantime, did you know I have a monthly column at San Diego Bargain Mama called "Gidget Goes Green"? Here are the columns that I've done so far this year:

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