A wild hair...

I had planned to write a post today that was documenting an exciting cooking class I was privy to take last month, including some mouth-watering photos of the food we prepared, and devoured... but that's going to have to wait a bit longer, because suddenly, today, I had a very pressing question come to mind (besides, this blog has been needing some (essentially) meaningless and random drivel, if you ask me, so read on, please, if you don't mind)... :) To cut my hair off or not?

My hair has gotten quite long and thick (it's been entirely too long since I had a trim), and it has come to my realization today that maybe it's time for a chop. I basically always have it in a bun or ponytail, so while I do like the idea of long hair, my version of long hair is not always living up to its potential.

Let's look at some photographic evidence.

Occasionally it is looking cute like this: DSC_0013 {halloween}

or like this: DSC_0040 {my dad's retirement party, I used my triple-barrel waving iron here, fancy!}

I would probably never cut my hair if I had the time and skills to make it look like this pretty lady every day: Pre-Wedding {my lovely sister-in-law and her groom. this doesn't quite do it justice, but trust me when I say she has the best long-hair-styling skills I know!}

but let's be honest, this is a more accurate picture of the day-to-day 'do: DSC_0011 {feeding the bro-man, rocking the low bun.}

I like to grow my hair out with the goal of donating to Locks of Love. I did this after Gigi was born: August 2007 200 {the big chop!}

August 2007 208Sept 07 108 {cute and short}

Here's what I would not miss about losing my long locks:

  • a heavy, wet mop that requires being blown-dry in the winter after a shower (I really hate blow-drying!)
  • tiny fingers: grab, pull, repeat. aagh!!
  • the boring everyday bun
  • tangles. lots of long tangles.
  • random long, lost hairs. everywhere.

Here's what I would miss about my long hair:

  • braids
  • the comfort of the everyday bun
  • the blondish color (leftover from summer) that's only on the bottom of my hair :(
  • that beachy, surfer girl look

Extra bonus points: it's for a good cause.

It sounds to me like I'm trying to convince myself here. Oh, and I should probably mention all this to my husband. I told ya, this post/though was very spontaneous!

I have already gotten some loud "Do it!" encouragements on facebook, so I guess the real question is, can anyone offer any good inspiration? The required 10-inch chop would leave me with something above the shoulder.

I do like this one. Don't even know who this cute girl is, but I like her hair. :) My bloggy friend Brooke likes Scarlett's 'do, and I do too, but I'm not sure it would ever look that perfectly tousled on me.

Any other ideas?

{this moment}: cozy

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