Handmade Memory Game

memory game This post was originally published Jan 25, 2011. It is still one of my favorite homemade kids' gifts that I've made. These little photo memory games were for my daughter and my niece, who were both three and a half at the time.

memory game-2

It was simple, yet did take a little time. First, I started with a sweet, embroidered zipper pouch. I use Cindy's pattern over at Skip to My Lou. If you're not a sewista yourself, you could easily use a store-bought bag, or repurpose something to hold the cards.


Then I packed it full of family photo cards!

I printed out wallets (they come in 4-packs, which was perfect since I needed 2 of each photo for each girl), pasted/stuck them to cardstock and then laminated them for longevity (I do mine at a local teacher supply store).


Add a few directions, and voila!

memory game-4

I loved this gift because Gigi was just starting to get into games, and she really loves looking at photos. It gave her a way to connect to her cousins near and far, too. :) We still play this game, almost three years later, with all three kids. Although we've since added 7 (!!) new kiddos to the extended family, so it might be time for an update...

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