His Word in My Heart: July 2010

titus 2:3-5 I was so excited to come across this verse recently as I really felt like it gave me a fresh reminder of my role in Biblical womanhood and as a mother.

As per a friend's recommendation, I've been listening to a series on Titus by Carolyn Mahaney, and have been really blessed by it. I highly recommend it to any of you mothers. (You can download and listen to it for free even!)

Carolyn actually points out that based on the Biblical context, the "younger women" actually refers to any women of childbearing age, and in fact, that the "older women" term actually refers to above the age of 60. With that said, I still have personally been blessed by many slightly older women (especially in my church) who are just farther along in the motherhood game than I am, and I also love it when friends who are a little behind me chronologically ask me for my opinion or advice.

I'm always open to learning more about "what is good" and how to be a better wife and mother.

The task of motherhood is a daunting one at times, and an extremely high calling. I am honored to be the primary discipler of my children on a daily basis and pray that I can model out these Titus 2 characteristics to them as they grow up.

What's your verse for the month of July?

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