His Word in My Heart: June 2010

1 Thess 5 16-18 I picked this verse because it's such a good reminder of how to find contentment everyday. Brody's early morning schedule is giving me some great time with the Lord these days, and I'm trying to really be more aware of my prayer life (more on that coming soon!) and making it a priority.

I was so blessed by the predominantly positive feedback on my Simple Mom article. I'm certainly thankful for that opportunity and for Brody and the relationship our family will develop with his birthparents over the years.

I love hearing what you are memorizing. If you haven't been with us all year, it's never too late to start memorizing one scripture per month. {Selfish Plug}: I do have a couple of memory verse kits available in the shop right now!

What's your verse for June (those of you who are still plugging along!)?

Blueberry Honey Ice Cream? Not Quite Yet.

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