Holidays by Hand: Quilting/Patchwork

Here are some great gift ideas and holiday projects to inspire your handmade, quilted or patchworked holidays! As for me, I'm working on a simple baby quilt and some quilted Christmas placemats- I'll have to get back to you on the photos though as I'm still getting organized from our move.

  • Elizabeth Hartman from Oh, Fransson! has some amazing tutorials for quilted/patchworked gifts!

  • And if this were a contest (which it's not, unfortunately!), I would pick as the winner my mom, who is an extremely talented quilter and seamstress, and who put together a few cute quilted gifts recently.

Make sure you didn't miss out on the rest of the Holidays by Hand carnival! Next week Ann from Vintage Mommy and One Bag Nation will wrap it all up with food gifts! Thanks to all those who participated and who have been reading along! For a schedule overview, click here.

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My Favorite Recipe for the Holidays

My Favorite Recipe for the Holidays

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