Home, Sweet Home

DSC_0227Niagara Falls

I'm back! We returned from our whirlwind "vacation" late last Thursday night. It was the sort of trip where you need a vacation to recover from your vacation, but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. We're still working on updating the baseball blog with photo albums and descriptions of all the games we went to, and some more updates on our family blog too (if you know me in real life or we've at least communicated/connected online, I'd be happy to share that blog with you; just email me for details).

We were so blessed to stay with and spend time with so many friends and family members, which balanced out all the baseball nicely. Chiquita was a trooper, with a totally thrown-off schedule and a lot of car rides. She especially loved the time spent with her cousins who we only see once or twice a year.

Having the time to do that sort of trip was an unexpected blessing that we wouldn't have gotten to experience if it hadn't been for Moondoggie's unemployment; we've been trying our best to make it more of a time of "funemployment" to use a term my brother-in-law shared with us. As frustrated as we are with the lack of job, we're really trying to make the firm decision to live in the moment and enjoy the time we have together.

My time away helped me to realize that I need more balance and simplicity in my daily life. Being away from the computer so much gave me the much-needed reminder of how much life there is to be lived away from the computer. As I approach the blogiversary of Gidget Goes Home this summer, I'm taking some time to process, pray and determine what I want the next year to look like.

For starters, I updated my header with a fresh look, and I'm going to try to discipline myself with more writing than blogging, if that makes sense. I've got a couple of part-time jobs this summer and new Bible studies planned, along with lots of time to be spent by the pool and the beach. I couldn't be happier that it's officially summer and I'm excited to see what warmer weather brings my way.

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