Introducing Simple Organic

blood oranges on 365 Project Those of you who've been reading here for a while know how much I love SimpleMom. If I had to point out my all-time favorite blog amidst many that I love and try to read daily, SimpleMom is that one.

And the only thing better than SimpleMom, is the thought of there being a family of five blogs all dedicated to Tsh's vision. SimpleMom and SimpleKids have been established for a while now, and this week marks the launch of three awesome new blogs, SimpleHomeschool, SimpleBites, and SimpleOrganic, where guess who will be contributing!

When I received an email from Tsh about being contacted by the new editor, Katie Fox, of one of her soon-to-be-launched blogs, I was a little excited. And it probably took me all of one minute to respond to Tsh and Katie with a resounding "yes!"-- I was honored to be contacted and beyond stoked to be a part of such an inspiring team {seriously, take a look at the army of contributors on all these blogs-- I'm amazed to join them}.

Today, you can find my first post over at SimpleOrganic, tackling one of the issues I've written about here more than once, finding healthier and safer personal care products. You can also read back a few days to learn more about what SimpleOrganic is all about. I will be writing over there once a month, and reading along daily to learn and be inspired by Katie and my fellow {amazing} contributors.

I've had my writings on the green lifestyle elsewhere as columns, guest posts and articles, but the opportunity to write for SimpleOrganic is definitely the best "writing gig" yet for me.

To celebrate the launch of the network this week, Simple Living Media has several awesome giveaways going on! Be sure to hit them all up!






And if any of you are visiting for the first time from SimpleOrganic, welcome! I'm glad to have you stop by and I hope you'll be back. :)

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