It's The Absolute Ultimate!! #17~ Praying For Our Children


absoluteultimate1 There are a lot of ways to remember to pray for our children and guides on what to pray for. Last year with my moms' group we read The Power of a Praying Parent and it was there that we also received a guide on praying for 31 Biblical Virtues for Them. Both of these had very thorough ideas, and in fact I combined them to create a great spiral-bound prayer card book for Moondoggie and I to use to nightly pray for Chiquita.

But sometimes we get lazy or out of our routine, so I was so glad when I discovered another, simpler way to try to cover our children in prayer. I still want to get back into the notecard routine, but this is a great way to pray for them at different points during the day.


I discovered this from a couple of friends of mine who had this button on their family blogs. It comes from a mother's blog who has been through quite a lot. She said that more than anything she wanted her children to grow up developing an "undivided heart" (Psalm 86:11), " and was praying "that they will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel when they open their mouths" (Ephesians 6:19).

She started this idea to pray for our children 7 times a day, 7 days a week, and posted 7 verses that refer to a particular time of day. Instead of putting them on index cards, I decided to put Scrapblog them! Here are my cards that I'm going to print out and stick up around the house, each one in an appropriate location for what it reads.

I'm going to try to pray as many of these each day as I can! If you'd like to join the movement, you can go to Bring The Rain to get the verses and print them out or use Scrapblog to get creative with it!

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