It's the Absolute Ultimate!! #20~ Fabulous Fat Quarters


absoluteultimate3 Great Fat Quarter Ideas

There's something about a shelf of color-coordinated fat quarters at a fabric store that I love...

A fat quarter is half of a half-yard of fabric, cut on the fold to make a piece of fabric that is wider than a regular quarter-yard (18"x21" versus 9"x42"), giving you a more usable piece of fabric.

During the entire month of February, one of my favorite craft blogs, Sew, Mama Sew! focused on fat quarters! They have had tons of great project ideas and tutorials, all using those little folds of fabric that I love so much.

If you'd like an overview, check out these links:

So far I've only made one, although I've bookmarked several. I modified the tutorial for the Ipod/Camera Cozy and made it a little bigger to hold our GPS that we got for Christmas (we named him "Skitch"- and not that Skitch deserves this after the wild goose chase he took us on this week, but that's beside the point.).

Here's my fun finished project...


P.S. 5 Gold Stars to the person who can guess why we named our GPS "Skitch." Hint: the idea came from one of our favorite movies.

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