It's The Absolute Ultimate!! #21~ Keeping Track of Leftovers



This little series of mine has (obviously) become less than weekly, but whenever I have something to share, you can bet I'll be telling you about it!

We are a leftover-loving family. Moondoggie would rather take leftover dinner for lunch over a sandwich any day! I often find that I forget about leftovers though-- things go bad before I remember to eat them, especially when our fridge is full. Or, I forget how old something is and have to resort to the smelling method to check (sick!).What's in the Fridge List

So, I created this cool little list to help me keep track. I just fill it in (sometimes I use the "How Much is There" category and sometimes I don't), and then I cross off the item when it's been eaten. It helps me visualize when we have enough leftovers to make a meal out of or reminds me to eat them for lunch!

Download the "What's in the Fridge?" List for free!

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