July Goals

July Goals

So June wizzed past me. Several family birthdays, lots of family members and friends hit with a tummy bug, an anniversary, a beach camp (pictured above), June gloom, beach nights, and more. I kept meaning to sit down and post my goals with grace but never got to it. Let's just say I worked on May's goals for an extra month. ;)

1. Finish reading 2 books. I loved reading these last two months. See what I've been up to over on GoodReads.

2. Finish my 2013 photo book so I can get it printed. This is a BIG project– I have culled through thousands to get it down to 1500 photos. Ugh. Didn't even touch this project.

3. Get my eBook for sale both on my site and on Amazon. Yes! Made my first sales, too- so thankful.

4. Keep working on my Good Habits- get a string of 7 in a row for each item (reviewing memory verses, reading to kids, flossing). In classic ENFP/lazy person fashion I got bored with this app and deleted it after ignoring it for several weeks. Still working on those habits, but without the reminders.

5. Fix/sew 3 things in my (crazy, outta control) mending pile. Nope. I made a baby shower gift last month, but that's it. :(

july 2014 goals.jpg

But now it's July and I'm ready to get real with goal-setting again.

It's summer so I'm keeping things simple.

1. Start my next eBook (!!), which will be very different from my first.

2. Do something with all those photos I take. Work on the 2013 book or figure out another system. But seriously, I have to do something.

3. Get caught up & backed up on 2014's photos.

4. Go surfing!

What are you hoping to accomplish this month?

Great chapter books for 2nd-5th grade: Gigi's 7-year old summer reading challenge

Great chapter books for 2nd-5th grade: Gigi's 7-year old summer reading challenge

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