It's T-minus-less-than-two-weeks until we move to the house around the corner! I feel like getting motivated to pack is that much harder this time with two littles underfoot, and knowing that we are moving walking distance from our current place makes me just want to carry things over instead of packing them {I know how impractical this is, however}. We had a successful garage sale over the weekend which almost earned us enough money to invest in the new kitchen table I want. I'm hoping to move our current table out to the sunroom/playroom for crafts, artwork and someday, schoolwork. I would also like to replace the chairs for that table {that are actually our outdoor dining chairs} with benches someday.

Something vintage would be ideal, but I unfortunately don't have the time or patience to scour the world for that. Two requirements for me are: something with a leaf for entertaining, and something round to better accomodate our family of five in the future {!!}.

Here's the new setup I'm looking at, from Ikea...

Kitchen Inspiration {Ikea}

Have I mentioned that our new place is ALL tile? I'm SO looking forward to not having carpet under the kitchen table as it will make not crying over spilled milk much easier. But the rest of the house will now require some rugs, so I'll definitely going to be seeking out a couple of those at Ikea, too... for now we have a borrowed one for our living room and I'm also going to be on the lookout for maybe something used, or a bound carpet remnant.

I can't wait to {virtually} show you around the new place in a couple of weeks!


Taking a moment to count the gifts, and focus on gratitude in this moment (#62-71)...

:: inspiration and creativity

:: {soon} an empty space to organize, design and fill with our treasures

:: de-cluttering and selling unwanted things

:: family dinners

:: chocolate milk

:: TUMS, since just about everything gives me heartburn these days

:: little feet poking the inside of my belly {on the right side}

:: a sweet, new babysitter for our community group

:: rays of sunshine between bursts of rain

:: daylight savings and being officially done with winter!

{this moment}

Intentional Community