Life around the table: The heart of the home

Life around the table: The heart of the home

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That's where we belong, it seems-- around the table. -Shauna Niequist, Bread & Wine

It's not an heirloom by any stretch.

It's a not-real-solid-wood, on-sale Swedish model that my husband put together, and after just a few years, I already can't scrub it back to its bright white color.

But this table, with its hodge-podge chairs and its scratches and scuffs is truly the center of our tiny home.

It's the place where we gather with those we love, and that alone solidifies its value and stature in our house, more than wood quality, durability, or design. 

This table, with all its imperfections, has seen delicious if simple food, hot and comforting coffee, good conversation and the baring of souls. It's seen babies get loved on, toddlers make constant messes, and kids sitting on grandparents' laps.

Brightly colored flowers and sprawled-out art supplies and art work. Special celebrations and everyday snacks.

Homemade ice cream, prayer requests, and games lost and won. More bodies than fit around it, and two dudes awkwardly sharing a piano bench (that's one of my funnier memories from life around this table). 

Just like we don't need a big, fancy home to let people in and love them, it doesn't take much for a simple table to become the heart of a home.

Just tonight, as we gathered with our community group-- both those we've known for a few years now, and those who are brand-new friends-- we didn't even bother to retreat to the comfier chairs in the living room like we usually do. "I like sitting here," my husband said, "It just feels like we're family."

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