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LunchBots: Stylish & "Green" Food Containers! dsc_0007

I was excited to get invited to take part in another one of Green & Clean Mom's Mommy Go Green Blog Tours! This time I got sent a couple of LunchBots stainless steel lunch containers to review.

Let me start by saying, I totally love these containers! They are cute (and even are shipped wrapped in pretty orange and blue tissue paper!), eco-friendly, and super practical.

LunchBots was started by a parent who basically didn't want to pack her kids' lunch in plastic, due to its toxicity . From their website:

That's why LunchBots was born – to create safe, usable, and fun containers both parents and kids would love.

I got to review both of the LunchBots products, which are the Uno and the Due (which has 2 separated compartments)-- please note that I inadvertantly switched the lids in the photos below  (Uno comes with Blue and Due with Orange).

My family and I took a little trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park the other morning and packed a little lunch to eat before we came home. Here's how I used the LunchBots (and you'll notice the amazing pictures that my new camera took!!!).

dsc_0004a half sandwich for Chiquita and some blueberries to share

dsc_00052 sandwiches squished into the Uno- would hold one thick sandwich perfectly, I was abusing it a little ;)

dsc_0006The two containers fit perfect in my little insulated lunchbag. Again, I was sort of cramming the Uno so I used a rubber band to secure it, but I will emphasize that the containers close and seal quite nicely when not overstuffed!

All in all, I love the LunchBots! My small recommendations to the company would be to offer more sizes and colors (more to love!), and maybe to provide a large rubber band-type strap to hold the 2 containers together, or a cute bag to hold them.

And if any of you are interested in trying out the Lunchbots for yourself, you can do so via their website, with a free shipping code! Just enter FREESHIP09 for free U.S. shipping (no deadline).

dsc_0030the fam at the Wild Animal Park~ We love our LunchBots!!

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