May goals

May goals

Looking back at April, which was the first month I posted my goals here, let's see how I did:

1. Read through my memory verses every day (I mentioned this last Friday, and I’m making it official now). Yikes, I definitely didn't meet this goal. But using my Good Habits app definitely helped me get closer to this than before.

2. Finish 2 books. I finished Mom Seeks God and Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, both were great for where I'm at right now.

3. Send 2 cards by mail. This was a fun one-- I sent a birthday card to my niece (albeit quite late) and invitations to Gigi's party (does that count?). I may have sent others that are slipping my mind.... ;)

4. Go through kids’ clothes. This is always a big chore! I successfully went through Brody's and Hallee's and still need to do a bit of a purge of Gigi's.

5. Have a garage sale. We got delayed by rain, but finally did this last Saturday. Booyah! Love selling junk.

Now, looking forward to the rest of May:

1. Finish reading 2 books.

2. Finish my 2013 photo book so I can get it printed. This is a BIG project-- I have culled through thousands to get it down to 1500 photos.

3. Get my eBook for sale both on my site and on Amazon.

4. Keep working on my Good Habits- get a string of 7 in a row for each item (reviewing memory verses, reading to kids, flossing).

5. Fix/sew 3 things in my (crazy, outta control) mending pile.

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What are your goals for this month?

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