Mother's Day

I had a lovely Mother's Day. My kids aren't really old enough to give me gifts yet (when they are--maybe next year-- I'd love to incorporate this sweet idea into our family), so it's basically just my husband's doing. This year David found something that really showed me his thoughtfulness, as it appealed to what he would call my hippie side-- this cool bag made of 95% recycled materials! Here's a look at our day in photos.




We had a delicious breakfast before church!

Trying to get a photo of the mama and her two treasures can be a bit challenging...



{This one really makes me laugh.}


There we go! That one was pretty darn good of all of us!!

That afternoon both sets of grandparents came over for a yummy fish taco dinner, which was very nice. We love having both of them so (relatively) close by!

Hard to believe that I'll be a mother of three in around five weeks or less!!

I hope all you mamas had a special day. I was especially thinking of Brody's birthmom on Sunday and hope and pray that all of you who have lost moms or children, or who weren't with your moms or children feel a special dose of our great God's love this week.

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