My 100th Post!

Wow! Today's the day I hit 100 posts on Gidget Goes Home. I know a lot of bloggers do those lists of 100 bits of personal information, but I usually can't stay focused long enough to read them all (I tend to skim) so I myself am just going to do a little fun blog reflection today...

How I Became a Mommy Blogger

I've been blogging for close the three years now, but mostly for our family until last summer. I was the one always trying to get my friends to start blogs (and I could probably take credit for inspiring many of them to actually do so!) ;), and little did I know there was this crazy-amazing community of moms waiting for me out in the blogosphere/twitterland.

I branched out from my family blog in late spring of 08, after starting to research and read about going green in a lot of aspects of my life. I was already interested in a lot of this but I have to attribute my real kick start to my friend Melody who convinced me to start cloth diapering (half-time), and my friend Dréa who introduced me to Dr. Greene's book Raising Baby Green.

I wrote a few posts on what I was researching (mostly related to cosmetics/personal care products and food) and then I started feeling like I wanted to expand my horizons beyond just writing about green living... I switched from Blogger to self-hosted Wordpress (thanks to the help of a tech-savvy friend), bugged my talented brother to design me a header, and thus began my journey with Gidget Goes Home (if you read my About Me page you can find out more about the name and all that).

The first "mommy blog" I came across was, and still is, my favorite blog-- yup, you guessed it, Simple Mom. Pretty much everything I learned about social media and Web 2.0 stuff in the beginning either came from her, or from someone she linked to, so thanks, Tsh, for being such a great teacher!

It was also from Simple Mom that I originally found out about Blissfully Domestic, where I get to contribute articles now and have met even more awesome bloggers. In fact, I guess I'm now officially a blogger because I've signed up for my first blogging conference!! (You should have seen the confused look on my dad's face when I mentioned this). I can't wait to meet some of these amazing women in person!!

I've now pretty much gone crazy with blogging... I've got my side blog, Gidget Loves Language, I still attempt to keep somewhat updated on the family blog, I started a social network for surfing moms in Southern California, and my newest project, a social network/community for moms and mommy bloggers in San Diego County, San Diego Mommy Spot is newly up and running!

So that's my story. If you have any other questions about me, I'd be happy to answer!

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